Adam Swanson Ragtime Memories

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Adam Swanson Ragtime Memories

Morning Melodies


The name Scott Joplin will be known to many people; others may know of James Scott or Joseph Lamb.  But these three, considered to be the finest three classic ragtime composers, were joined by over 1,000 others, some of whom only ever had one ragtime composition published.  Much of this music languishes unplayed, but for you we have an assortment of ragtime compositions, mostly from the golden years from 1895-1920 when ragtime was the dominant popular music and the dance music of the day – before the quickstep and foxtrot were invented. 

Young American ragtime pianist Adam Swanson is one of the cadre of pianists who have fossicked to find these gems and he will play some of the standards and several of the lesser known tunes, many of which may never have been previously played in Australia.  It will be a morning of exciting ragtime and a rare opportunity to hear these tunes as there are so few ragtime pianists in Australia.

Performance held in the Bicentennial Hall

Running Time: 60 minutes

 2 November 2018
 Friday 2 November 2018 – 10.30am
All Tickets: $25.00

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