Africa Entsha

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Africa Entsha deliver a Cappella with attitude. Hailing from South Africa they offer songs in English and their native Zulu (‘entsha’ means new in Zulu) with an energy and optimism that is entertaining and infectious.

This five-piece band doesn’t just offer vocals. Dance, movement and percussion are very much part of the package. Percussion is via clapping, foot stamping, or oral effects through a mic. The dance moves help generate a buzz of energy within the band and around the audience. A couple of numbers in and many in the audience are rocking or foot tapping to the rhythms.

Please note: Africa Entsha will be performed in the BICENTENNIAL HALL which is next door to The Q.

4 May 2017
Thursday 4 May 2017 – 8pm
Adult: $35
Concession: $25
Child: $20

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