Artistic Soul Surfing Exhibition

Darryl's Den Exhibition website

Artistic Soul Surfing

An exhibition by clients of Darryl’s Den

A supported Arts and Craft Studio

19 – 29 April 2017

Darryl’s Den is an inclusive, friendly Arts and Craft Studio that provides people with disability access to quality instructors, equipment, resources and materials. Experienced, supportive staff take into consideration the varying abilities and needs of their participants, whilst assisting in developing participants’ current arts and craft abilities and exploring new techniques and building new skills.

Darryl’s Den is committed to fostering and supporting its members towards self-development, providing a sense of community and opportunities for individuals with a disability to express themselves artistically and engage socially. Darryl’s Den is a non-profit organisation.

Free Rain Theatre is a proud supporter of Darryl’s Den

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