Chris Jarrett meets Luca Ciarla

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In collaboration with the Italian Embassy Canberra and the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney Internationally acclaimed composer and pianist Chris Jarrett meets up with worldwide improviser and magician of the violin Luca Ciarla to form a unique duo along the borders of contemporary music and jazz.  Luca Ciarla’s spritelike playing and the quick-fingered expressivity of Chris Jarrett’s improvisations met, hugged, collided; sometimes following parallel paths and other times going in different directions only to meet at the common goal.  A fascinating blend of the accessible and the challenging with a magnetic musical appeal.

Composer and pianist Chris Jarrett was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA) and grew up in the woods of the Appalachians.  Raised in a family of Eastern European origin and with extraordinary musical talent, he began studying piano with Vincenz Ruzicka and then continued studies at Indiana University and Oberlin Conservatory.  In Chris Jarrett’s music, classical and ethnic forms coexist peacefully with the most extreme contemporary language and the freedom of jazz improvisation.  His expressive playing can be wild, rhythmic, ironic, epic, melancholic, bizarre, or mystical, and in his astonishing compositions, the influence of some of his favourite composers such as Johannes Ockeghem, Sergei Prokofiev, Charles Mingus and Frank Zappa can be heard.

One of the most creative violinists nowadays, Luca Ciarla easily transcends the boundaries among genres to trace an innovative musical path, a magical acoustic seduction in perfect balance between written compositions and improvisation, traditional and contemporary sounds.  A native of Termoli Italy, Luca began playing violin and piano at the age of eight.  By twelve he was studying at the conservatory and a few years later began exploring jazz and improvisation.  He has successfully performed in jazz, classical and world music festivals and concert series in more than thirty countries and on every continent.

‘A concert event experienced by an enthusiastic audience who had a chance to admire the versatile Chris Jarrett and the original and surprising Luca Ciarla in an atmosphere opulent with musical colours… an exclusive event that will stay alive in the historical musical memory of Naples.’ La Gazetta dello Spettacolo (Italy)

Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes including interval

 21 February 2015
 Saturday 21 February, 8:00pm
$36.00 – Full price
$31.00 – Concession
$46.00 – Full price
$41.00 – Concession
$38.00 – Groups 8+
Early Bird

$41.00 – Full price
$36.00 – Concession
$33.00 – Groups 8+


Last day for Early Bird Tickets: 24 January 2015

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