Recent Paintings by Edwin Gardiner

Vacant Workshop Space(Promo)

Recent Paintings by Edwin Gardiner, 2011 – 2014

26 August – 6 September


The work on show at The Q Exhibition Space in August – September 2014 is a composite of two exhibitions by Edwin Gardiner.  The work includes the ‘Price of Oil’ painting series exhibited in Melbourne 2012, and the more recent paintings series of paintings called ‘Presence and Absence’.  The first group of paintings, essentially have an environmental/political theme.  They attempt to use industrial symbolism and degradation as a metaphor for the damage the oil industry has caused to the environment.  The second series of paintings called ‘Presence and Absence’, is about spaces.  Specifically the echo of human presence that these spaces leave behind.  The depicted spaces are also used as a structure, or model for the artists re-contextualised vision of space; therefore the works become less about visual rendering of a physical space, and more about the space within internal vision of the artist.  These personal visions about the memory of joy at being at home, and the ideal of finding a divine space from within.

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