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If you are old enough to have loved and laughed at I Love Lucy with Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, you will love Francine Cain’s sparkling incarnation of Hollywood’s screwball Queen of Comedy.  If you were too young to have tuned in to the ten years of Lucy’s madcap antics, sharp repartee with husband Arnaz and satirical swipes at the treatment of women in the fifties and sixties, the Cain’s tribute show with musical director Nigel Ubrhbien is must see cabaret fun.  Nigel also takes on the roles of Arnaz and Hollywood television producers.

Imitation is a risky art.  Lucille Ball was unique, and yet Cain makes her impersonation her own.  The routines are down pat, the patter timed to perfection and her quick changes executed with lightning effect.  We are introduced to a woman, who could make the work laugh while the actress was crying inside, a woman who was not just a clown but a voice for independence.

Running time: 60 minutes no interval

25 March 2015
Wednesday 25 March 10:30am
All tickets: $25.00
Groups of 8+: $20.00

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