Flames of Joy


Alessandro Martire presents
Flames of Joy

In 2012 he studied at the American Music College in Boston, Berklee, in new age composition and he performed at the final concert in a David friend recital hall.
His compositions are the expression of a musical sensibility which originates from the classical tradition and contemporary elements using melodies and harmonies that are evocative and very catchy.
There’s no definition for his music. You can call it New Age, classical crossover, contemporary, alternative and other such adjectives but in the end it always comes down to this: Alessandro Martire plays Alessandro Martire music.

His concert with original music, led him to perform in prestigious universities and theatres around the world, most notably in 2013 the ”Hong Kong University of Science and Technology”, ”Y theatre -Hong Kong”, ”Joseph Haydn Konzerthaus – Bolzano”, in 2014 the ” Seowon University – South Korea ” and in 2015 ” Bocconi University – Milan“ and “New Musical Art Philharmonic hall – Moscow”.

He often said that the desire to pursue an artistic career was born after the experience in 2009 in Canada, when he performed in front of more than one thousand people at “Windsor”.

Alessandro has performed in a single year in many countries including: United States , United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Switzerland, South Korea and Italy, receiving numerous awards and appreciation for the musical originality and remarkable quality of his performance at such a young age.

The concert in Los Angeles in 2013 was included among the best performances of the year due to the originality of the compositions . Certification received by the culture of the Italian consulate in Los Angeles (USA ).

The music of the album “Melodia di Vita” were published in entertainment on board all flights with Alitalia and Cathay Pacific .

In 2016 release the second album in studio “Flames of Joy”.

28 November 2016
Monday 28 November 2016 – 6pm
All: $15.00

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