Goldilocks & The Three Bears

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Centrepiece Theatre presents
Goldilocks & The Three Bears
A Musical Theatre Show for Children by Peter Best

Once upon a time there were 3 bears and they sang, and they danced:
“Because we’re bears, not hippopotums, we’ve got bear feet and we’ve got bear bottoms
We’ve got bear heads and bear noses, bear feet and bear toeses,
It doesn’t really matter what clothes we wear, ‘cos every little bit of us is bear..”
A naughty little girl comes into their house uninvited, eats some porridge, breaks a chair and goes to sleep in their bed.
In some versions of this classic tale Goldilocks is eaten by the bears, but not this Goldilocks and not these bears.
Though they don’t entirely discount the thought………..
“Shall we shake her? Shall we bake her?
Make her quiver? Make her shiver?
Should we forgive her?”
Peter Best has written the music for films “Crocodile Dundee” & “Muriel’s Wedding”, television series “Grass Roots” & “Wildside”, much-loved jingles “Uh-Oh Razzamatazz, “Slip Slop Slap” & “Care for Kids”. He has won a truckload of awards however it’s in his capacity as father and grandfather that he wrote this musical for little kids. A raging success for Free Rain Theatre in Canberra and Tamarama Rock Surfers at the Bondi Pavilion, this play is pitched perfectly at discerning children aged up to 8. Parents will enjoy it too, but be warned: it doesn’t Panda to grown-ups.

Director: Jordan Best. Musician: Matthew Webster. Lighting: Kelly McGannon. Cast: Jim Adamik, Amy Dunham, Tim Sekuless, Kikki Skoutzos.

Audience Advice: Suitable for children up to 8 years.

19 Р24 January 2016
Tuesday 19 January Р10.30am
Wednesday 20 January – 10.30am
Thursday 21 January – 10.30am
Friday 22 January – 10.30am
Saturday 23 January – 10.30am
Sunday 24 January – 10.30am
Sunday 24 January – 1pm
Adults: $20.00
Children: $15.00
Family of 4: $60.00

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