HOME in Queanbeyan Movie Fundraiser

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HOME in Queanbeyan Movie Fundraiser
Friday 21 October 2016 6pm

God Willing
Italy’s #1 Smash Hit Comedy
Run time: 87 mins | Rating: PG

Tommaso is a successful, respected surgeon who also happens to be conceited, proud and arrogant — and a staunch atheist. However, Tommaso’s pedestal is set to be ripped away when his only son Andrea brings the family together for an entirely unexpected announcement: he wants to become a priest!

Tommaso refuses to accept this newfound Catholicism, and is further horrified when his wife Carla and daughter Bianca undertake a renaissance-of-sorts themselves. A string of hilarious situations ensues as Tommaso goes undercover to investigate and bring down the charismatic priest Don Pietro who he believes “brain-washed” his son and caused upheaval in his family.

Tickets include:

·         Pre movie drinks and food (cheese platters, hot snacks)

·         Entry to movie

·         Post movie drinks and chocolates


21 October 2016
Friday 21 October 2016 – 6pm
All Tickets – $70.00

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