How to Buy Tickets

Please note: In some browsers, the Buy Tickets page may take some time to load. Please allow several minutes without refreshing the page for the ticket sales page to display. Thank you.

The yellow seats are available for purchase. If the show you are purchasing tickets for indicates that the yellow seats are RESERVED, this is in reference to the fact that you will receive a seat number on completion of your booking. The white seats have been sold.

When selecting seats please select each seat individually. The system will not register a click and drag.

To change the price of your tickets, click in the ticket type/price box that appears when you have selected your seats and select the appropriate price. You will need to do this for each ticket.

GROUP TICKETS: If you are selecting tickets for a group, you will need to change the price on each ticket to GROUP.

FAMILY TICKETS: Are available for some shows for a family of four eg 2 adults + 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children. If your family is larger than four, first select four seats, next choose ticket type ‘Family’ for each ticket from drop-down menu. Continue to the payment screen. For the additional tickets click on ‘Purchase Additional Tickets’, to include the extra children or adult tickets to your order, you will return to payment screen to finalise. Please check amounts carefully before you complete your purchase.

If you experience any difficulties booking, please contact the Box Office on 6285 6290 or