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by Richard Higgins and Matthew Kelly

They’re back! Australia’s fave kid’s comedians, The Listies, are bringing their best-smelling book Ickypedia: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words to the stage!

Ickypedia Live is a seriously silly show that answers all of life’s unimportant questions: How do you take a smellfie? What does pooetry sound like? Who is the world’s worst chef?

How does one avoid a fartquake?  What exactly are udderpants?*
And what happens if you never-ever clean your room?

With snot-monsters, bubble machines and toilet paper guns, it’s a mix of clowning, slapstick, and improvised chaos that the whole family will enjoy! Anarchic, spontaneous and astoundingly funny, Ickypedia Live will uneducate and delight audiences young and old. The Listies mix clowning, slapstick, and improvised chaos stitched together with a bucket load of theatrical invention that everyone will enjoy!

*Undies for cows

“The Listies teach children that the theatre can be a wonderful and exciting place. If your kids have never been to the theatre before, do them a favour and make this their first experience. It’s something they will never forget.” – The Scotsman
***** Fest Mag ***** Edinburgh Festivals Magazine *****Fringe Review ***** Broadway Baby **** & 1/2 – Sydney Herald **** & 1/2 – The Age **** & 1/2 – Herald Sun **** Edinburgh Spotlight

Audience Advice: Smoke, bubbles, fart jokes. Recommended for ages 6+.

Stage & Tour Manager: Rebecca Etchell

Lighting Design: Richard Vabre

Sound: Russell Goldsmith & Andrew Callaghan

Prop Design: Yvette Turnbull

Tour Production: Regional Arts Victoria

26 – 29 April 2018
Thursday 26 April 2018 – 10.30am & 6pm
Friday 27 April 2018 – 10.30am & 1.30pm
Saturday 28 April 2018 – 2.30pm & 6.00pm
Sunday 29 April 2018 – 2.00pm & 5.30pm
All tickets: $27.50
Family of 4: $100.00

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