walls of abyaneh


Exhibiting artists –  Zoya Tavakoli – Shiraz Iran,  Lokesh Soni – Udiapur India and Timo Nest – Queanbeyan

18 – 28 June

Interchange, is a cultural exchange of contemporary paintings, and networking of artists. The works will reveal both differences, and similarities of Iranian, Indian and Western painting. Both Zoya and Lokesh have exhibited extensively in other countries, and local Queanbeyan painter Timo has had two exhibitions in Shiraz, and has an exhibition, workshop, and a residency planned for Millennium Gallery in Udiapur, owned by Lokesh.

Zoya Tavakoli, is a shiraz based painter, video artist, musician, and vocalist. Her painting are abstracts produced from stream of consciousness after meditating and practicing yoga to achieve to state of mind required to produce her work. These painting are abstracts which border on  surrealism, as they seem organic and strangely familiar. Her paintings are usually small on A3 paper, with a series of miniature shapes of complex colour. In this show she will be sending one large work.

Lokesh Soni, is a Udiapur base painter, with his own gallery, studio and residency, known as Millennium Gallery. Lohesh’s painting style is expressionist, and sometimes abstract, with a bold use of colour. For this show he is bringing life drawings.

Timo’s work will be natural pigment paintings of familiar abstract landscapes, and two new directions. One based on the earth rendered walls of Iran, and inspired by minimal Persian carpets. The other is sentences from Savitri by the Indian mystic sage Sri Aurobindo.

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