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Brave Theatre presents
Miss Brontë
By Mel Dodge and
Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Brontë has a secret. In fact secrets seem to run in the family… Inspired by the letters and novels of Charlotte Bronte, along with the many biographical works about her life, Miss Brontë tells a story of ambition, forbidden love and the bond of family. How could an unmarried woman living in a secluded parsonage, with only her sisters for company, write one of the world’s greatest love stories? She had tasted love and her secrets echo in the pages of Jane Eyre. Years after her death, Charlotte’s love letters to her married French Professor were made known to the public. He had torn the letters to pieces, but his wife had found them in the rubbish – she was inclined to snoop – and sewn them back together without his knowledge. These letters are now housed in the British Museum. At least 75 percent of the words you will hear come from Charlotte Brontë’s own letters and novels. The other 25 percent has been written in reference to extensive research into her life. The play is based in truth. It has been a pleasure to take stories from Charlotte’s extraordinary life and give them our own creative treatment. When Charlotte died at the age of 38, Elizabeth Gaskell, her friend and colleague, wrote a biography of her life which drew strongly from her letters, stories Charlotte had told Gaskell and stories from all Charlotte’s living friends and family members. This biography immortalised Charlotte. It was followed by various other biographies revealing secrets, details and other sides of her personality. A play for theatre and literature lovers alike – don’t miss this opportunity to get an insight into the enigmatic Charlotte Brontë.

Director: Lyndee-Jane Rutherford. Performed by: Mel Dodge. Set Design: Marisa Cuzzolaro.

Audience Advice: Adult themes. Recommended 12+.

8 – 10 September 2016
Thursday 8 September – 8.00pn
Friday 9 September – 8.00pm
Saturday 10 September – 2.00pm

Adults: $46.00
Concessions & Groups 8+: $41.00


Adults: $37.00
Concessions: $32.00

Early Bird

Adults: $41.00
Concessions & Groups 8+: $36.00


Last day for Early Bird Tickets: 9th August 2016

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