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If Theatre presents
by Daniel Keene
Starring Noni Hazlehurst

Christie (Noni Hazlehurst) has found herself at the fringe of the world. Homeless, aging, living on the outskirts of suburbia, she attracts the curiosity of the locals with the story of her colourful, troubled life. In Mother, award winning Australian playwright Daniel Keene explores the concept of homelessness as a metaphor for disconnection. Christie’s story is part truth, part fiction, and even she is no longer sure which is which. Beneath her wild exaggerations and fantastic tales of loves lost and struggles overcome, there are haunting truths that that she would rather forget.
She may have been cast out of society, but she can never escape from herself.
Mother, a one-woman play written for acclaimed, award winning actor Noni Hazlehurst (City Homicide, A Place To Call Home, The Heretic), is the newest work from Daniel Keene (Boxman, Life Without Me, The Serpent’s Teeth) directed by his long-time collaborator Matt Scholten.
Delving into the significance of our primary relationships, this provocative performance will leave you haunted with understanding and sympathy for those living on the farthest edges of society. There but by the grace of God go we…
“The figure of Christie as a haunted outcast and criminal has many sources, but the central ones that I will be drawing on are Euripides THE MEDEA and the poetry of Dorothy Hewett, especially her ALICE POEMS” – Writer Daniel Keene. Director Matt Scholten said I asked Noni what she wanted to do next. She really has done and conquered it all: stage, cinema, drama, comedy, lifestyle and children’s television, concerts… She told me she has long wanted to do a one woman show. I spoke to Daniel and immediately the idea for MOTHER was born.

Author: Daniel Keen. Producer: If Theatre. Director: Matt Scholten

Audience Advice: Strong coarse language and adult themes. Recommended 15+.

27 September – 1 October 2016
Tuesday 27 September – 8.00pm
Wednesday 28 September – 8.00pm
Thursday 29 September – 8.00pm
Friday 30 September – 8.00pm
Saturday 1 October – 2.00pm & 8.00pm

Adults: $52.00
Concessions & Groups 8+: $47.00


Adults: $42.00
Concessions: $37.00

Early Bird

Adults: $47.00
Concessions & Groups 8+: $42.00


Last day for Early Bird Tickets: 27th August 2016

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