One 2 Step Dance Academy presents Fractured Fairytales!

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I’m here to tell you a story, but not just any story.
Beanstalks, ducklings, piglets and wolves.
Princesses, dwarves, and white rabbits down holes.
But my story begins with two little ones,
who walked through the woods leaving little bread crumbs.
They wandered so far off the well worn trail,
That they found themselves lost in a different fairy tale.

ONE2STEP Dance Academy presents, Fractured Fairytales!

 19-20 December 2015
19 December 2015 – 6.00pm
20 December 2015 – 12.00 noon
Adults $28.00
Children (2 to under 16 yrs) $18.00
Audience Advice: Strobe lighting  is used for this production 

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