Season 2014 Launch

The highly anticipated launch for our 2014 Subscription Season will take place on Monday 2 December 2013.  We will be holding two launch events, the first at 10:30am and the second at 7pm. Unfortunately there are no seats left available for the 7pm show but if you’re quick, you can still grab a seat for 10:30am – you don’t want to miss it!

You can expect to see previews of all the shows we have lined up for the year including live performances, video clips, presentations and messages from some of the production companies. All  topped off by a fabulous guest host.

Season brochures will be made available on Monday for those of you who are lucky enough to attend but for those who can’t make it, you can get your brochure from the foyer the following day.

We hope to see you Monday.

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