Shiraz Exchange


Shiraz Exchange

A cultural exchange between East and West, exploring both the similarities and differences in contemporary painting.

Zoya Tavakoli, Golshan Ghorbani and Timo Nest

14 October – 1 November

Opening night Wednesday 15 October at 6pm


Shiraz Exchange, is a exhibition of two Shiraz based artist Zoya Tavakoli, and Golshan Ghorbani working in contemporary painting, exploring the differences and the similarities, in a cultural exchange between East and West. Timo Nest has visited Iran and India to from networks of artist, that are intended to foster friendships, which help artists realise exhibitions and study art trends, in the respective cities where the artist live. These networks are intended the be long lasting networks that benefit all involved.


Zoya Tavakoli, lives in Shiraz Iran, she works with ink and acrylic on paper. Her abstract surrealist landscapes arise as a unfiltered stream of consciousness from a deep meditative source. Her cultural stories and personal memories are expressed in rapid calligraphic fragments of a larger vision.


Golshan Ghorbani paintings represent the popular cubist painting style of Iran. But instead of using the cubist interpretation of classical Persian miniature painting, Golshan paints more abstract with solid blocks of bright colour and delineating lines. The abstraction is taken to the point that the figures are almost unrecognisable, forming interesting compositions.


Timo Nest, painting by staining with natural pigments on un-stretched canvasses. His paintings stem from reading Eastern mystical poetry where he finds much agreement with his pantheistic philosophies. In this series of paintings, Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri is both the inspiration and the title of his paintings.

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