Simon’s Final Sound

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Blue Cow Theatre Inc presents
Simon’s Final Sound
by Finegan Kruckemeyer

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SIMON is an unemployed dreamer. He is diagnosed with progressive and irreversible hearing loss: he could go deaf at any moment. In his despair, he recalls a story told to him in his childhood by his Aunty Sal – the story of an island which runs entirley on sound, and where all communication is through music and singing.  Simon decides to find the island. He needs a boat.

Simon visits a bank to secure a loan, so he can buy a boat. He is interviewed by Michael, a dull clerk, set in his ways. Michael has problems of his own: a wife, Ginny, who is bored with him and longs for excitement, and Claude, another bank officer who is a spectacularly irritating and annoying trouble-maker.

Michael agrees to loan Simon the money to buy a boat on condition that he (MIchael) and his wife Ginny can accompany Simon on the trip. Claude overhears this plan and blackmails Michael, threatening to expose him for bank-fraud unless he (Claude) is also allowed on the trip.

And so all four set off on Claude’s boat. (Claude owns a boat.)

At sea … amongst the late-night card-games, the tequila shot-sessions, the embarrassing on-shore excursions for bungy-jumping and the heart-to-heart confessions under starry tropical skies … simmering passions boil over. Ginny is frustrated in her marriage with Michael. Michael is desperate to prove himself to Ginny. Simon is smitten with Ginny, whilst Michael is jealous of Ginny’s obvious delight in Simon’s attentions. And Claude can’t help but stir up trouble.

A storm at sea brings things to a head. Many truths are shouted, and Simon reveals that there is no destination for their voyage – the island of sound was just a story.
Simon’s Final Sound, by multi-award winning Australian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer, is an intelligent, slightly naughty, sometimes outrageous, sometimes poignant comedy suitable for an adult audience.

Audience Advice: Strong coarse language and Adult themes. Recommended 16+

11-13 August 2016
Thursday 11 August – 8.00pm

Friday 12 August – 8.00pm

Saturday 13 August  – 2.00pm & 8.00pm


Adult:  $49.00

Concession & Groups 8+:  $44.00

Early Bird Adult:  $44.00

Early Bird Concession:  $39.00

Last day for Early Bird Tickets: 11th July 2016


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