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Based on the books by Anna and Barbara Feinberg
Presented by Imaginary Theatre

The Tashi plays are theatrical adaptations of Anna and Barbara Feinberg’s well-loved children’s books brought to life by Imaginary Theatre.  The stories are performed in pairs and tell the magical and mysterious adventures of a young migrant boy, Tashi, and his best friend, Jack.

Tashi and the Mountain of White Tigers
The Wicked Baron is up to his old tricks again.  This time he’s trying to cheat Tashi’s Aunty Li Tam out of the home she has lived in all her life, and he’ll stop at nothing.  Tashi knows he has to do something, but what? As usual he thinks of a clever idea, but it means he will have to face his worst fear.  However, if he can do it he might be able to help not just his favourite aunty, but the whole village as well!

Tashi: Lost in the City
Poor Jack is really worried when he and Tashi find themselves stuck in an elevator, but it reminds Tashi of one of his amazing adventures when he was lost in the city in his old country.  The big city is a really exciting place, but it’s very different to Tashi’s old village.  Tashi tells of the characters he met and how he used his wit to escape a sticky situation.

‘Imaginary Theatre uses a technique of introducing little children to the concept of theatre that is supremely effective and, I suspect unique.’ Alison Coates

‘Better than a movie.’ Grade 3 student

‘Imaginary Theatre’s experience presenting theatre to this age group was apparent from the outset…It is refreshing and inspiring to see a show aimed at a young audience that embraces lofty aesthetic standards, aspiring to and achieving a level of technical sophistication that would do a serious adult production proud.’ Lowdown Online

Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes including a short break
Audience Advice: For 4-10 year olds and their families

24 – 27 March 2014
Monday 24 March, 10.00am
Tuesday 25 March, 10.00am & 1.00pm (Sold Out)
Wednesday 26 March 10.00am & 6.00pm
Thursday 27 March 10.00am (Sold Out)
$20.00 – Adults
$15.00 – Children
This show is not part of the subscription season.

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