The Q-Club


The Q-Club

The Q-Club is our new loyalty club! It is FREE to join, and the benefits and rewards of being a member will be many and varied. This club enables us to engage via an app with members, sharing news, upcoming events, competitions and special promotions.

Anyone can join The Q-Club, and membership is managed and maintained via the online app. Subscribers and Q-U25 Cardholders can also gain added benefits by downloading the online app, whilst maintaining their ticket discount status.

Membership of The Q-Club is FREE and as Easy a 1- 2-3!
Option 1:

Step 1 Collect your membership card from the box office or download the app

Step 2 Search for The Q and click to join the club.

Step 3 Start earning rewards every time you see a show…

Option 2:

Follow the following procedure if you have the app and want to register to The Q Club immediately:

Step 1: Download and logon to the Rewardle App, click the little blue button in the bottom right corner of your screen, this will open up a scanner.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code on this page, it will take you directly to The Q Club registration page.
Step 3: You will be automatically registered as a Q club Member.

After you have downloaded the Rewardle app, you are not yet registered to The Q Club, but only on Rewardle. To register for The Q Club, you have to scan your Rewardle membership card or the QR code on your phone app, on the tablet at the box office.

To receive The Q Club discount when purchasing your tickets, call (02 6285 6290) or come to the Box Office counter where our friendly staff will ensure you receive your discount and points.  The Q Club discount is not available online.

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