Wheelchair and Carers Seating

The Q’ – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre has wheelchair seating available in Seats 24-28 Row B and carers seating immediately behind in Seats 25-29 Row C. These seats can only be booked through the Box Office only on 6285 6290 and are not available through the online web ticketing system.

Access to the Venue

Disabled access to ‘The Q’ – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre is via ramps to the front and side entrances on the ground floor.

Hearing Assistance

‘The Q’ – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre has infra-red assistive listening equipment available to help enhance the enjoyment of performances for those patrons who may be hearing impaired. The receiver units can be used in conjunction with the neckloop telecoil couplers available for use by patrons whose hearing aids are equipped with a telephone coil (T-Switch). For those patrons who do not use hearing aids but require the sound to be amplified, the units are compatible with a wide variety of earphones and headphones which plug directly into the receiver units. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own earphones or headphones where possible. Further information regarding the use of this equipment can be obtained by contacting the Box Office.

Sight Impaired

Patrons who are sight impaired may request seating in the first three rows and this will be provided if available.

Aisle Seating

Aisle seating can be requested for those requiring more room on the left or the right.
If you have any specifiac requirements please indicate them at the time of booking.