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View the Seating Plan (pdf – 42kb)

View the CAD Files (pdf – 918kb)

The Q Tech Specs – 1 September 2013 (pdf – 1.32mb)

Standard Lighting Rig (pdf – 423kb)





Lighting console – 1x ETC Ion 1000, 1024 channels with 20x sub master faders

Dimmers 10x LSC iPRO 12x 13amp Circuits – Located P-Side Gallery
Data Distribution 9x LSC Isoport Series 2 DMX 512 Output – Biobox output from console input locations.
LSC Isoport Series 3 DMX 512 Output – Located around theatre for DMX distribution.
Profiles 16x Selecon Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot 600w
17x Selecon Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot 600w
10x SourceFour Junior 25° – 50° Zoomspot 575w
Fresnel’s 24x Robert Juliat Lutin 306LPC 1000W 6inch Fresnel – Gel Frames, Barn Doors
8x Selecon Acclaim 650w 4.5inch Fresnel – Gel Frames, Barn Doors
PC Wash 8x Selecon Rama 5°-60° Standard PC 1200w – Gel Frames, Barn Doors
Cyc Wash 6x Selecon Hui Cyc-4 500w (per cell) – Gel Frames
LED’s 12x Generic RGBW LED Par Can – Barn Doors
Follow Spot’s 2x Canto 1200 msd/msr – Iris, Shutter, 5 Colour Flags
Accessories 4x Selecon 18-leaf Iris – Drop-In Iris for Pacifics
10x Selecon Pacific Gobo holder A – A size Gobo holder for Pacifics
6x Selecon Pacific Gobo holder B – B size Gobo holder for Pacifics
4x CLS ST113 Boom Pipe Base – Lighting Boom Stands




Master Station 1x Clearcom Encore Main Station 2 Channel – Prompt Side Stage Manager’s Desk
1x Clearcom GM18 Gooseneck Mic – Suits main Station
1x Canare/Neutrik 8m Cable – Stays with Main Station
1x Beyer DT109 Dual Muff Headset – Stays with Main Station
Beltpacks 7x Clearcom RS601 Beltpack
7x Beyer DT109 Dual Muff Headset
PA System to Dressing Rooms 1x Crown 1160MA 100v Paging Amplifier
4x JBL C25 AVW speakers
Front of House
Mixing Console 1x Midas Verona V320/8/IP Mixing Console – Bio Box
Signal Processing 2x DBX 2231 Graphic Equaliser – Rack Unit in Bio Box
1x DBX 2031 Graphic Equaliser – Rack Unit in Bio Box
1x Klark Teknik DN504+ 4ch Compressor Limiter – Rack Unit in Bio Box
1x Yamaha SPX2000 (Effects Processor) – Rack Unit in Bio Box
2x Denon DN-C635 CD cassette Player – 1x Rack Unit in Bio Box, 1x in Store
Speaker System 1x Meyer M1D + UPJ Powered Speaker System
5x Meyer M1D speakers
2x Meyer USW – 1P Subwoofers
4x Meyer UPJ-1P Speakers
1x Meyer BSS 3088 Lite 8 x 8 DSP
Foldback Speakers 6x JBL PRX512M Powered Speaker
2x Meyer Powered UPJ-1P – Rigged above stage
Cables 14x  Canare/Neutrik 8m cables
1x 16 Channel Multicore
Microphones 4x Shure Beta 58 – Include clips
2x Shure Beta 57 – Include clips


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