When Dad Married Fury

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Watch out, because here comes the bride… The most recent of David Williamson’s plays, When Dad Married Fury, recently enjoyed a sell-out extended season at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney.  Picture this – incongruous brothers Ian and Ben are on their way to Sydney to visit their father, a corporate high flyer, who only recently lost his wife.  Three big surprises are in store when they arrive for his 75th birthday celebrations.  The ‘Old Man’ is worth $100 million.  He’s gone and married Fury, an American beauty queen half his age.  There is no pre-nup… fair to say his family is furious.  Ian and Ben, hadn’t in their wildest imaginations seen a gold-digger as part of their father’s future.  With his trademark wit and skilful blending of contemporary culture within the ageless framework of family greed, jealousy, love and expectation, Australia’s leading playwright, David Williamson, delivers another gripping play and his most memorable characters to date.

Is there more to the beautiful Fury than meets the eye?   Is Alan the father he thinks he is?  Do Ben’s loyalties lie with his wife, his dad or himself?  Can Ian contain his greed long enough to get a signature on the right will?  And who is to blame for the death of Ben’s father-in-law?

One thing is for certain: everything changed when Dad married Fury.

‘It’s Williamson’s ability to generate the pleasurable sensation of recognition for his audience that has kept him at the forefront of Australia’s playwrights for 40 years.’ From The Turnstiles

‘Riveting, unexpected and extremely entertaining.  The entire play pivots, the action becomes dynamic, the audience sits up straight and begins to pay the closest attention.  Suddenly new territory is opened up and it’s a place many are bewildered by, astonished by, and quite desperate to understand.  Delivers laughs and jolts in equal measure.’  Stagenoise

‘This is satirical Williamson at his best.  […] in this play the issues are topical and important.’  The Australian

Audience Advice: Strong language and adult themes

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes including interval

Date: 19-23 November
Tuesday 19 November 2013 – 8.00pm 
Wednesday 20 November 2013 – 2.00pm & 8.00pm
Thursday 21 November 2013 -8.00pm
Friday 22 November 2013 – 8.00pm
Saturday 23 November – 2.00pm & 8.00pm
$57.00 – Full price
$52.00 – Concession and Groups (10+) 
$52.00 – Full price
$47.00 – Concession and Groups (10+)

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